by Elly Kellner

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In 2008 Elly Kellner released a self-titled EP-CD. Feelings and emotions high upon a tree… Catchy songs that reach into your heart, ask questions and give hope.


released January 1, 2008

Producer: Danny Gras.
Drums: Guido Elshof.
Violin: Moniek de Leeuw.
Bass: Lennart v/d Berg.
Cover created by Sicco Faase.



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Elly Kellner Netherlands


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Track Name: Try Tree
Tree, you've no choice
You have to stay
You can't move on now
Still, there are options
And one's to live
And one's to die now

I can see all the reasons why you'd choose the easy way out
But still I'm hoping for you to hang on and to try
Try, try, try

All you can do is stay in your spot
And be the best
In the nicest way
All you can do is be cool
When it is hot
And try to be happy

Try to stay, there's always a way
Try to stay, try, try, try

'Cause look around all your brothers and sisters
Spread their branches easily
With their feet happily stuck in the ground
Now they must've found peace in that
Without regret
And they aim to be the best they possibly can
Things could be worse than that
Things could be worse than that

Don't die, please give it another try
Try, try, try
Track Name: Everything
Open wide and say aah
I wanna see what's inside of you
I wanna know about what you do
And what's your favourite time of the year?

Breath in and breath out
I wanna hear your heart beating
I wanna know if your lungs can sing
And what's your favourite song to sing along to?

Open wide and say aah
Need to examine both your lips
Might need to ask our mom for tips
What's your favourite yummiest food?

Give a knock on your knee
I wanna check your reflex too
And I want a close look at your shoes
And the kind of socks you are wearing

Everything, I wanna know everything
Everything, I wanna hear everything
So do tell me little nonsense details
No-one else would ever care to know
But I do wanna know you
So do tell me everything
Track Name: I'm a leaf
I'm a leaf on a tree
And it's time for you, let go of me
I'm about to turn orange and brown after that
Will you promise not to be sad

I have done all I could
And I've done all I should
I loved being near you, that I want you to know
But it's time for me to go

You have taught me to smile
Even if I should drift a while
I'll get back to the ground and I'll make you see
A new tree will come of me